The Complete, Cloud-Capable Workspace


Provide the Windows 10 desktop solution from anywhere – with unparalleled administrative controls.

Azure Virtual Desktop combines a simple Cloud-enabled Windows 10 for users with extensive administrative solutions for IT teams, all via the power of the Azure platform.

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Full Flexibility for All


With Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), you can support multiple users via a single Cloud workspace, maintain complete control over access rights and privileges, and secure your business data within Microsoft’s secure Cloud framework. With Azure Virtual Desktop, the Cloud-exclusive workspace is more than just possible – it’s perfected.



A single, secure workspace for multiple remote users, compatible with Azure’s SIEM & SOC solutions and your preferred MFA solutions.



Save on maintenance, managing and licensing costs with no up-front payments or hardware purchases and a fleet of fully virtual Windows PCs.



The Azure platform provides an expansive, customisable environment built for compatibility. Develop your perfect desktop setup right down to the hardware specs.



Let Microsoft take care of the brokering, networking and upkeep, without sacrificing any of the oversight you demand.



Provide a safe, always-available workspace during downtimes while only paying for certain services as and when they’re in use.



With AVD licenses included as standard with most Microsoft 365 Enterprise packages, it’s easy to get started and migrate your users.

Deliver a comprehensive Cloud environment that you can configure comprehensively, and your users can understand instantly. Azure Virtual Desktop makes it happen.

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Industry Accreditations


As Microsoft Gold and Azure Cloud Partners, we work to give you complete confidence in your Azure Virtual Desktop; providing a scalable, secure addition to your Cloud workspace.

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Gold Cloud Productivity

Gold Content & Collaboration

Gold Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Gold Cloud Platform

Silver Application Integration

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Silver Windows & Devices

Windows, Wide Open


By moving Windows into a Cloud environment, you don’t just make your desktop more available – you make it more capable than ever.


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The Windows OS – from any OS

Operate your Azure 365 environment from any other OS – including Mac, Android and Linux systems. Dedicated apps help streamline the service.

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All Possibilities, Any Hardware

Emulate intensely powerful hardware and operate it from anywhere. Being Cloud-enabled means your virtual desktop can do the heaviest tasks from the humblest of devices.

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Standardise your Workforce

Full control over your users, access privileges, software, hardware and access rights. On every level, you manage your Azure Virtual Desktop with the administrative oversight you need.


Multiple Users over a Single Solution

Provide one desktop that supports hundreds of users. User-specific customisation lets them change their desktop experience without compromising your policies and practices.

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Pay as You Use

Let Azure Virtual Desktop keep costs manageable. With a per-user per-usage pricing structure and auto-power down on your virtual devices, you avoid paying for surplus solutions.

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Complete Compatibility

From your software to your security, even your Multi-Factor Authentication, Azure Virtual Desktop is just as compatible as any other Windows environment – so you can work from the Cloud confident that your solutions will carry over.

Make your move to the Modern Workplace with Microsoft’s most fully-featured Virtual Desktop yet.

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As Microsoft Gold accredited partners, there are few Microsoft solutions we’re not comfortable and confident with. The same can be said for our clients, who benefit from our expertise every day.

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