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What are The Business Benefits (and Opportunities) of Azure Virtual Desktop?

What makes a Virtual Desktop so vital to the modern workplace – and what is Azure Virtual Desktop doing to ensure it’s easier and more efficient?

There are no two ways about it: the Cloud-powered workplace is here for good. And now, with Cloud-accessible software no longer a novelty to anyone who’s ever used Microsoft 365, it’s likely that our future Cloud solutions will need to be more capable: providing more solutions, emulating more powerful hardware, and serving more people simultaneously.

This brings us to Azure Virtual Desktop. Microsoft’s full Windows 10 desktop experience, delivered via Azure to any compatible device. This essentially lets users run a virtual, Windows-capable machine from anywhere, and on any compatible hardware.

When you’re delivering a full hardware experience that can run on almost any device and launch almost any software, you’re dabbling with a powerful new way of working. So as well as being a more capable way of remote working, Azure Virtual Desktop can be the answer to many common business needs. Such as….

Cost-Cutting Capabilities

Azure’s cost-cutting potential is staggering, based on just how much processing power is afforded by the Cloud. A single virtual desktop, for example, can serve hundreds of users at once. Imagine the cost savings on an entire hardware fleet when one Virtual Desktop can be accessed by an entire team of workers at once.

Similarly, Azure Virtual Desktop can deliver powerful computing power without the need for physical hardware investments. Users can build ‘Virtual Machines’ to host their Virtual Desktop, with each being built to their specific hardware needs. Because the price you pay is based on components and use time, you’ll only pay for the devices you use, when you use them. 

Fixed, yet Flexible

Let’s touch upon something we mentioned earlier; that a single Virtual Desktop can serve potentially hundreds of simultaneous users. Sounds a little messy, right?.

Azure Virtual Desktop can be set up to your company policies and procedures, so you can limit certain access rights or privileges for every user. This keeps your Virtual Desktop standardised and compliant.

The flexibility, then, is in the user experience. Each user can safely change and customise their desktop as per their preference. Because these changes are saved on a user level, they only affect the individual – without compromising your desktop’s safety. This means options such as language preferences or other accessibility options can be set, without interfering with the shared Desktop experience.

Azure virtual desktop benefits

Security and Continuity

Let’s say you’re not quite ready to base your entire working experience in the Cloud. Is there any reason to use Azure Virtual Desktop then?

Arguably yes, Azure Virtual Desktop is a viable part of any backup plan. Because you only pay for your virtual devices when they’re powered on and in use, your Virtual Desktop can sit idle until you need an emergency solution.

For example, if an unforeseen incident wipes out your on-prem servers, your Azure Virtual Desktop provides an instantly accessible place to continue work unimpeded. With the ability to backup both your on-prem work and your Virtual Desktop into the Cloud, absolutely no work needs to be compromised.

It’s worth mentioning that Azure Virtual Desktop benefits from the same security provided by Windows’ other Cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Azure Virtual Desktop does offer extended security options for those that wish to implement them, however – everything from firewalls to endpoint protection is offered.

Is Azure Virtual Desktop For You?

There are plenty more benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop than the ones we’ve mentioned above – you may already be formulating your own. Yet for any business looking for a unified environment for Cloud working, an emergency workplace for backup purposes, or simply a way to deploy a flexible, proportionate hardware solution, Azure Virtual Desktop is more than a viable solution.

The best part? Anyone with an Office 365 license is already eligible for one in AVD.

For more information and to see what it can do for your business, visit our Azure Virtual Desktop page.