Coronavirus – Vital Update

Essential information for our customers

Dear customer

In light of updated government advice, it is time for Vital to consider transitioning people to work from home where and when possible. As we have laid out previously we are fortunate to benefit from a modern & predominantly cloud based working environment which makes this relatively easy for us and the experience of having supported staff with home working on a regular basis.

We recognise this is not the case for all businesses or indeed all of our customers who face their own logistical challenges in responding to the present situation.

Our operational priority over the next few days will  be to ensure continuation of service for our clients and to fulfil our critical role in helping them to ensure they can do also respond to the current crisis through and in relation to their IT systems.

Clearly, we have to balance this with the overriding need to consider the health safety and well being of our staff, customers and other contact. 

Any non essential client, site or other visits or meetings will be cancelled with immediate effect. We will endeavour to use technology where possible and can easily host virtual and dial in meetings using Microsoft Teams.

We will be working extra and reassigning resource where necessary over the next few days to fulfil the many requests we have received for supply of additional hardware to support you through this period. We will be in touch to make any special arrangements which may apply for your business as you make your own adjustments. 

We are working very hard to support all our customers through this time – Our dedicated Corona response team is available using – if you have not already spoken with a member of our team to address any concerns or queries you may have or to understand how else Vital may be able to assist please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are reaching out to all customers also in this regard.

Clearly, all of this has an impact on the service levels through our helpdesk in particular and we appreciate your patience. 

We appreciate your support at this difficult time and stand ready to do whatever IT takes to assist you, our valued customers, at this difficult time.