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How to Defend Your Business Against Cloud Security Threats

Discover how Azure Sentinel can effectively protect your business from a range of pervasive Cloud security threats.

Thanks to the multitude of benefits that Cloud technologies offer businesses in the era of remote and hybrid working, it is perhaps no surprise that 92% of organisations are now hosting some of their IT environment in the Cloud. However, while the vast majority of businesses are storing data in the Cloud, it is only the minority who are properly investing in their security. 58% of businesses only evaluate their Cloud security posture once on a month, or even less frequently. With Cloud security threats such as ransomware, account takeovers, and even human error on the rise, you simply cannot afford to leave your Cloud unprotected. Don’t let your company join the ranks of the 72% of businesses who have experienced a Cloud data breach in the last eighteen months. Invest in effective and preventative Cloud security solutions today. 

Azure Sentinel: the key to Cloud security threat prevention 

Azure Sentinel is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution hosted in Microsoft’s public Cloud. This scalable solution is designed to give you a birds-eye view of your business’ security posture. Sentinel is fully hybrid-friendly, meaning that you can benefit from its protective advantages no matter whether your business’ data is only partially migrated to the Cloud, or your entire infrastructure is hosted within it.  

So, how exactly does Azure Sentinel protect your business from Cloud security threats? 

AI threat investigation 

Azure Sentinel uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify previously undetected threats and hunt for suspicious activity within your Cloud environment. As Sentinel is AI-based, its system becomes more intelligent and accurate with consistent use. This means that the more you use Azure Sentinel to investigate Cloud security threats, the smaller your chance of missing malicious activity or receiving a false positive. 

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Rapid incident response  

Azure Sentinel is designed to respond and resolve Cloud security threats efficiently. The ability to automate and orchestrate common security tasks such as enrichment, response and remediation is built directly into Sentinel. This allows you to focus your business’ vital resources elsewhere, without having to worry about Cloud security threats emerging undetected and remaining unresolved.  

Customisable policies  

Azure Sentinel offers a bespoke and customisable security experience for users. No two business’ Cloud environments are utterly alike, so being able to adapt your Cloud security posture to your unique requirements is a major asset. End-users are able to implement rules and policies into Sentinel that are completely specific to their business. If you are especially concerned by a particular Cloud security threat, you can establish a policy that helps to better protect you from it. 

Gain greater insight into Cloud security threats with Vital 

The Cloud security experts at Vital have created a comprehensive eBook unpacking the Cloud security threats of 2022 and how to protect your business against them. If you would like to find out more about the many defensive benefits of Azure Sentinel, and how the specialists at Vital can optimise the solution, download our eBook, Cloud Threats in 2022, today. 

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