Corona COVID Furlough

Vital & COVID – “back to work” update

Dear Customer

Firstly, I hope that you and your loved ones have managed to stay safe and well during this challenging time; my thoughts and condolences go out to all of those who may have been impacted, lost a loved one or suffered as a result of the Corona outbreak.

As with most businesses, the last few months have been a strange and challenging time here at Vital. We are very fortunate and thankful to have been able to continue to operate, and serve our valued customers, with minimal disruption and impact as we transitioned many of our staff and our critical helpdesk function in particular to home working. Our use of modern, flexible technology of course has thankfully made this a relatively pain-free process for us.

It has been a pleasure to serve and support you, our customers, through this transition which has for most businesses driven significant change or challenge in relation to their IT function – a shift to remote working, an overnight increase in VPN and other remote access usage, communications and telephony challenges and of course everybody getting used to Teams and Zoom!

We are grateful and proud for the positive comments, words of thanks and feedback from our clients who our team have worked very hard to support wherever possible through this process to the absolute best of our ability.

As we now move into the new “back to work” phase and UK business starts to at least try to get back to some form of normal, we are making our own preparations and changes to see a return to full capacity as quickly as possible and to ensure we can continue to support our customers and clients.

Like most businesses, we have had a number of staff on furlough during this period – we are delighted to be able to begin to welcome some of those colleagues back to work in varying capacities from today and will continue to do so in response and anticipation of expected demand.

In particular, we are expecting and planning that many businesses and our clients will be in a similar position, with a large number of furloughed staff beginning to return to work – this will create a number of its own challenges of course (I’ve forgotten my password!) and we look forward to helping our customers again through this transition.

Clearly, all of this has an impact on the service levels through our helpdesk in particular and we appreciate your patience. 

We appreciate your support at this difficult time and stand ready to do whatever IT takes to assist you, our valued customers, at this difficult time.

Kind Regards

Lee Evans
Founder / MD