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Why robust IT management is so important for the financial services sector

Managing your financial services IT support.

IT downtime can prove costly for any industry; however, the financial services sector is particularly under pressure to maintain a secure infrastructure not just because of the security threats that we all know far too well, but due to the issues of governance, regulatory compliance and risk.

On top of that the financial services sector is driven by data and technology, and those companies operating within the segment need to capture it all; customer information, financial transactions, product and service purchase histories, customer journeys, marketing campaigns, service inquiries, market feeds, social media and Internet of Things streams, plus software logs, emails and text messages. Yes, that’s quite a hefty list.

A combination of new and legacy systems means that most IT leaders in the sector must work with a complex web of integrations and dependencies, making the job of operating and securing the IT environment even harder.

As you would expect, financial institutions are constantly raising to the challenges to operate, maintain, and adapt complex IT systems to satisfy their rapidly changing business demands and to do so they need a clear visibility over their IT environments.

In this competitive, digital-driven market, agility is a key business capability. With effective governance, automated processes, and supporting tools companies can reduce costs and operational risks; and divert resources to drive business innovation projects.

With the right information and tools, these businesses can accelerate innovation, neutralise threats and fend off digital disruption, and more often than not the best way to ensure that all of this works successfully is for companies to outsource their IT requirements.

For a financial services company looking to outsource its IT, it’s important to choose a partner that has an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of the industry; one that has experience of building robust and resilient systems that provide maximum uptime, and that meet regulatory compliance requirements as well as being on call 24 hours a day, because security threats don’t stop at 5:30pm.

Partnering with a Microsoft Gold Partner helps to ensure that your data is in safe hands, as does having the ISO 27001 standard data to further enhance the security processes; however, cybercriminals often succeed through hacking people, not systems, so it’s extremely important that an outsourced IT support company offers ongoing cyber security education and reinforcement for all employees.

At Vital, our proactive managed services approach to IT support can provide a comprehensive, cost effective solution to the efficient and professional management of tech systems without the significant costs of an in-house IT department.

You won’t find any gold or silver or bronze service level agreements with Vital; we only offer one package level and that’s an exceptional one; we call it “Whatever IT Takes” and it underpins all of our support services.

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