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Business Continuity

Could Your Company Endure the Loss of its Critical Data?

What if your business abruptly lost its IT infrastructure and vital information because of a natural disaster, theft, or system breakdown?

Do you have an effective backup and disaster recovery strategy to get it all back?

Do you have a business continuity plan that allows your business to not only recover your data, but to be operational in the quickest possible time?

Yorkshire-based Vital Technology Group offers comprehensive, dependable backup, disaster recovery, business continuity strategies and other IT support Services for businesses just like yours.

We offer a safe and secure way to protect your critical business data from loss due to hackers, natural disasters, system errors, and more with our specially-designed data backup and recovery options.

Complete backup and data recovery products from Vital Technology Group include:

  • State-of-the-art, secure protection from viruses, malware, and unauthorized access
  • Easy accessibility to your data backups through our dedicated servers
  • Automatic backup of your business data all through the day, every day
  • An offsite copy of your IT infrastructure that can be used as a replacement within minutes in the event of a system failure at your office
  • Monthly billing for your data protection services – with no additional costs for hardware or software

Your data protection program should consist of more than just an in-house backup – if your office was destroyed in a natural disaster, your copy would be gone, too. A tragic event may seem unlikely, but there are lots of other threats to your data that could bring your business to a stop. A virus or system failure could keep your operation down for days.

Without data access, you wouldn’t be able to fill orders, contact your customers, or work with suppliers – and getting new leads and sales would be virtually impossible. How long would you be able to put matters on hold? Could your company function at all?


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