The Police Treatment Centres

A force for promoting and improving health and wellbeing

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The Brief

Following a 6-way pitch, Vital were selected to develop the latest version of the PTC website.

In-keeping with the existing branding, flexible content management and mobile-optimised were the essential requirements.


Our Approach

With a vast hierarchy of page navigation, we had to accommodate all sub and sub-sub menus across all devices.

HTML mock-ups helped us to view key pages in all devices and also showed PTC how the site would look once complete.


The Results

“I found the team at Vital a real pleasure to work with. Nothing was too big a problem for them and everything was explained in an easy to understand manner, making it an enjoyable process.
The aftercare service has been as efficient as the care the whole way through the process and I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who is looking to redesign/redevelop their own websites in the future.”
Nicola Ridgway (PR and Fundraising)