Cloud Backup for the Always-Online Enterprise


Expert solutions for the protection and recovery of valuable Cloud data.

Data’s the lifeblood of business – managing clients, people and processes. If yours were compromised, how efficiently could your company operate without it – and for how long?

Protect your valuable data and Cloud-enabled applications with complete, compliant Cloud backup.

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Due Diligence for Your Business Data


Every year, the business world creates unprecedented volumes of business data. Shared between multiple users and providers, and empowering our multiple Cloud-enabled services, this data is essential to business continuity.

Yet data is as vulnerable as it is valuable – and businesses have a responsibility to keep theirs protected from common threats.


Internal Threats

Whether accidental or otherwise, employee activity is one of the leading causes of a data breach.



Malicious software that sniffs out, steals and holds critical data to ransom. Ensure that yours isn’t ever lost for good to the hands of cybercriminals.


Accidental Exposure

From third-party access to unprotected online databases, it’s easier than you think to mistakenly make the private, public.


Improper Security

From an improper cyber security setup to simple user naivety, it takes only a single mistake to see your data security compromised.

Human error is responsible for 23% of breaches

28% of data breaches in 2020 affected small enterprises

The average cost of each breached document is over £100

Cloud Backup Built for Speed and Stability


We’re partnered and highly accredited with specialist Cloud backup providers, including Datto for industry-leading Microsoft 365 backup. By supporting Azure’s Cloud Backup and Site Recovery, we also provide wide-reaching backup for users in Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud.


Regular Recovery Plans

We schedule regular backups of your business data throughout every day. Whatever data you lose, you’ll recover it as up-to-the-minute as possible.

risk free

Retrieved within Minutes

Off-site storage of your sensitive data keeps it separate and secured from your on-site servers – and able to be retrieved in mere minutes.


Simplified Costs

Consistent, calculable monthly costs mean your data protection is priced proportionately.


Keep Compliant

Provide assurance for both you and your clients. Data security and recovery makes security accreditations easier to achieve and uphold.

Compliance, Consistency and Complete Protection


We’re (Gold? Blue?) accredited partners with Datto’s SaaS solutions, providing especially efficient support for the industry’s best recovery solutions. Coupled with our Microsoft-accredited skills in Azure, you can be confident that you’re protected, whichever option you implement. With a Datto solution from Vital you can:

Protect yourself against permanent losses

Recover from the effects of ransomware

Undo user errors

Setup and test solutions seamlessly

Restore images in a single click

Exceed compliance and regulatory responsibilities

Backup to regular, designated points in time

Provide data confidence to your clients and partners

Managed and monitored by your Vital Support Desk

For complete coverage and regularly monitored services, make your Cloud Backup services nothing less than Vital.

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Our Partnerships and Accreditations


As Datto Platinum Partners and accredited Microsoft Azure Cloud experts, we provide industry-leading Cloud Backup across your Hybrid Cloud. Whether in or out of the office, your data protection is assured.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Tangible, Transformative IT


We’ve helped business of all sectors and sizes discover their Cloud capabilities.


Until Vital’s assistance, we were never using the Cloud for more than the basic stuff. As our business needs developed, not least as we moved to a remote working solution, we discovered that there were so many other Cloud utilities we could have been taking advantage of. Vital have since been our go-to provider and the results of their Cloud consultancy have been nothing more than tremendous.

Vital Client


We’ve always been a risk-averse company, so we were reluctant to move to the Cloud when we truly needed to. Vital not only helped us make that move, but reassured us of our security, demonstrated the value of the Cloud and have since transformed the way we work. It’s hard to imagine returning to the old ways when our Cloud has been a proven success under Vital.

Vital Client

Let’s Make it Happen


If you’ve identified an emerging Cloud backup need or have any questions about your existing Cloud Backup solutions, we’re happy to help.

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