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Cloud Computing

The UK’s Cloud Industry Forum report that as of early 2016, 4 out of every 5 UK organisations have adopted at least 1 cloud application.

A significant proportion of those Cloud adopters reported that through the adoption of Cloud technologies for business they were able to

  • reduce their capital expenditure
  • improve the reliability of their IT
  • reduce the risk of data loss




It’s clear why so many organisations are choosing Cloud technologies, and Vital is perfectly placed to work with you as your IT partner to assess, scope and deploy a wide range of Cloud services.

Vital have been pioneering the cloud revolution in the SME space with a pedigree in providing hosted (that’s what we used to call Cloud!) services dating back over 20 years.



From our early adoption of Microsoft’s now ubiquitous Microsoft Office 365 service which Vital have been implementing for over 6 years (when most of our competitors were still trying to sell expensive on premise email solutions!) to our recent partnership with Dropbox for Business and the launch of our cutting edge fully managed, dedicated Virtual or Hosted Desktop platforms built on the Microsoft Azure platform, our foresight, commitment and experience set us apart as the #1 choice for growing businesses looking to understand how Cloud can help them.


Explore some of our Cloud Services above or speak to one our Cloud Consultants today to find out how Cloud Computing could help your business