Cyber Security


Your best defence in the worst-case scenario.

Combat the escalating cyber-threat with solutions that seek, repel and eliminate intruders. With diligent defences delivered by Vital, your enterprise is covered on all corners.

Our Cyber Security solutions can supplement your IT department or provide all-new skillsets for your next major project. Talk to us today and discover how our technical experts evolve your protective potential.
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Evading an Ever-Evolving Enemy


We’re smarter and wiser about our Cyber Security – and sadly, so too are our business threats. With criminal techniques constantly adapting it takes robust, flexible Cyber Security solutions to respond to the danger.

Cybercrime increased…

…by an estimated 600% following the worldwide adoption of remote working.

300,000 new strains…

…of Malware are developed every day, all developed to siphon sensitive data as fast as possible.

The Darkweb’s Ransomware as a Service…

…industry has made advanced malware tools publicly available to anybody.

Around 94% of all malware…

…is delivered via email – which remains the most effective means of distributing viruses.

Cyber Security isn’t just vital for your business protection; it’s also a responsibility to your users, clients and contacts. Our Cyber Security solutions help you protect all three – as well as your business, your bottom line and your reputation.

Protect your clients, users and technologies with industry-leading solutions from Cyber Security experts.

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Superior Security Support


Our dedication to Cyber Security has seen us accredited by numerous regulators and beholden to nothing but the best security standards.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Every Corner, Covered


Defend every endpoint and secure everything.

Security Strategy

Develop a security strategy that works to your standards and practices, delivered by our in-house experts. We ensure your strategy is personalised, perfected and protective.

Cyber Essentials

Government-approved and widely recognised, Cyber Essentials demonstrates your dedication to key regulatory standards. Let Vital help you attain your certification.

Security Operations Centre

A dedicated team of security experts, processes and technologies. Deliver extensive surveillance and security across your estate.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Oversee your Microsoft estate with Azure Sentinel – Microsoft’s simplified approach to SIEM. Rapidly deployable and requiring no hardware, Sentinel is as streamlined as it is scalable.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Put your protections through their paces the best way possible – by breaking them. Our Penetration Testing provides rigorous defensive testing without compromising your safety.

Eliminate Your Security Concerns

With a fully managed Cyber Security solution, maintained by your Managed Service Provider, your only concern is achieving business success.

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Committed to Customer Satisfaction


Microsoft Security 365 E5 keep users secure, confident, and prepared for future threats.


Securing our data is an ongoing concern, and we need security that not only works, but continues to reassure. It’s Vital’s approach, as well as their knowledge of security solutions, that gives us that reassurance.

Vital Client


We’ve every confidence in Vital’s Security provisions and their ongoing communication. It’s encouraging to know that even when we’re not under obvious threat, we’re always stepping up our security capabilities.

Vital Client

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Provide peace of mind and recoup your business bandwidth. Vital’s expansive security solutions deliver extra added support to your in-house IT, as well as expert advice on emerging business challenges.

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