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Fully defend your on-premise and Cloud networks.

Delivered by Vital and developed by Watchguard, our enterprise-grade firewall solutions provide more than the standard hardware protections for full, formidable network security.

Defend your business with smarter network protection from Vital and Watchguard.

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The Easiest Choice for the Toughest Security


A firewall is essential for any cybersecurity setup. But new working conditions need new defensive technologies, and the Cloud-enabled workplace needs smarter, more sophisticated security.

Our firewall solutions provide:


25 years of innovative, enterprise-grade cyber security experience


Security suited to any business size, from the SME to the established enterprise


Compatibility with both private & public Cloud infrastructures, including Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform


Ongoing maintenance from Vital via award-winning Unified Threat Management (UTM) technologies

Whether relying on the base WatchGuard Firewall package or leveraging award-winning, AI-powered protection from WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite, our Firewall solutions offer enterprise-grade network security that’s fit for the Modern Workplace.

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Security, but Smarter

Bolder threats need smarter solutions, which is why WatchGuard Firewall leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of network protection.



Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

Scan major network traffic points for any incoming threats, and data packets.

Reputation Enabled Defence Service

Protect against malicious sites based on their reputation from several aggregated sources.

WebBlocker URL Blocking

Block malicious sites and inappropriate content while maintaining strong network speeds.


Application Controls

In-depth, customisable controls over apps, based on who, when and where access requests came from.

Gateway AntiVirus

Ongoing updates to block known spyware, ransomware, adware and trojans.


Fast enough to review 4 billion messages a day and identify potential phishing attempts or attachments.

WatchGuard Total Security Suite


WatchGuard’s Total Security Suite protects against Malware with evolving AI and delivers full network visibility and data through WatchGuard Cloud. With Vital and WatchGuard Firewalls, you’ve got the ultimate in defence and data analysis with the following extras:

Award-Winning Cloud Sandboxing

Detect and desist against sophisticated threats and malware within a safe, enclosed Cloud environment.

Phishing and Malware Prevention

By detecting and blocking malicious requests, users are diverted from cyber threats and towards the best security practices.

Intelligent Anti-Virus

AI-powered malware protection detects threats, learns their techniques and smartly anticipates new strains and threats.

ThreatSync Network and Endpoint Protection

Detect more threats and prevent network infections by spotting compromised systems and defending all connected endpoints.

Technology alone isn’t enough to protect against an ever-changing threat. With WatchGuard Firewall and Total Security Suite, your protections are intelligent – and always evolving.

For a detailed breakdown of our available WatchGuard services and features, download the WatchGuard Total Security Brochure.

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Industry Accredited Cyber Security


It’s not enough to simply offer best-in-class Firewall protection; which is why we’re a WatchGuard Gold Managed Security Service Provider. With Vital, you don’t only receive pioneering protection, but the best available support for it too.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Complete Coverage – Whatever IT Takes


We’re regularly accredited to the highest standards of the industry’s leading tech providers, ensuring that our services are continually evolving – and so too are your technical solutions.

Rapid Response Times, At All Times – Your round-the-clock security solutions are for nothing without round-the-clock support. We’re available 24/7/365, with rapid remote responses.

Provisioners and Partners – We’re here to serve, not to sell. Whatever IT solutions we implement, we give them lasting longevity with ongoing technical support.

Growth Enablers – Wherever your business takes you next, our Cloud technologies keep your business dynamic. Sudden growth? We’ll help balance your scope with your scale.

Strategic Support – It’s our solutions that matter, not just our technologies. We work to your company’s needs, goals and specifications, then get you there using our technical expertise.

Security Assured – The modern enterprise needs complete protection – both on-prem and in the Cloud. We deliver complete cyber security, enforced with the latest SIEM surveillance, MFA and Zero Trust protective measures.

Over 15 years of experience – From industry veterans to technical innovators, our multiple Microsoft specialists bring a breadth of experience to your on-prem and Cloud security solutions.

Relied upon by Multiple Industries


No business is alike – but all share a common enemy in the ongoing Cyber Threat. Our solutions help protect clients across a range of industries and enterprises – leaving them to concentrate on business success.

For more on our Firewall solutions, or for any other business security concerns, get in touch – we’re here to help.


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