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We’ve helped deploy, secure, manage, and support growing businesses in Bradford for over 15 years. All of our IT Support Bradford services are designed to meet your unique business requirements meaning out team has met the vast majority of IT challenges any business is likely to experience.

How IT outsourcing can benefit your business


Having your IT team in-house can stifle business growth, hinder innovation and be costly to manage. But when you outsource IT to a specialist provider like Vital, these challenges and costs are no longer a burden. You have access to a wealth of diverse knowledge, skills, and experience all under one roof, for a fixed monthly fee.

The following benefits can be yours when you outsource your IT

Less cost

It can be costly to hire a team of experts. With outsourced IT support you get all the experience at a fraction of the cost.

Less stress

With a team of professionals working on your behalf, gone are the days of worrying about your IT.

More bandwidth

Free up your time to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Better cyber security

An outsourced IT team usually has the skilled and diverse security talent that’s typically much harder to find independently.

Always on support

An in-house IT team will clock off at the end of the day. With Vital, our motto is “Whatever IT Takes” and we mean it.

Future-proof your business

Plan for any challenge that might come your way by ensuring you have the best IT foundations possible.

Your IT systems could be letting you down, here’s how.


Without a clear idea of how your IT is performing, if you’re making the most of your investment or where your security gaps lie and there’s always a chance IT could be holding you back.

Book your free IT audit today to find out exactly how well equipped your IT is for business growth

Your IT will be served by a team of Microsoft Qualified Professionals

We ensure that our IT Support Bradford team undertake regular certifications to improve their skills and knowledge ensuring your business is never without the best support available. Plus…



You’ll have local staff on hand

Since we’re based in Wetherby, we’re only a short drive away. This means that even if you need rapid on-site assistance, your team will be supported no matter what.

We work with a range of business types

From growing SMEs to medium and large sized enterprises, our ‘Whatever IT Takes’ approach aims to solve any problem you present us with.

Your tech issues will be dealt with proactively

To minimise disruption to your business our team constantly monitor your connected hardware and aim to solve all problems before they become problematic.

Why our customers choose to work with us




Our previous provider was doing a job, but Vital have taken that to the next step, they are very responsive and understand our business

John Duffey,
Triton Construction, Yorkshire


It’s having a whole team of specialists at your fingertips without the costs

Gareth Turner,
Well Services Group, Wakefield


Vital can provide a range of IT support services from everyday helpdesk and IT management to business continuity and cloud services. We’re also ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited. Get in contact with Vital’s IT Support Bradford team today and our FREE IT audit will:

  • Check your backups
  • Test your firewall and anti-virus protection
  • Check your overall network performance.
  • Review your server usage
  • + much more

Take the first step towards securing your IT future

Let’s talk about your FREE IT audit


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