KnowBe4 Cyber Security Awareness Training


Keep Users Informed and protected in the face of the phishing threat.

Your users are your first line of defence against cyber threats. Yet with so many data breaches being the result of human error, the right security support and training could make all the difference.

Protect your business, your users and your reputation with KnowBe4’s and Vital’s extensive cyber security awareness training.

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The World’s Largest Integrated Security Platform


KnowBe4 provides proven, award-winning phishing awareness training for companies of any size. Their solutions train, test and assess your users to discover your weakest links – and strengthen them for greater security.

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Last year, 75% of organisations worldwide experienced a phishing attack.

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96% of phishing attacks are via emails delivered to personal inboxes.

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22% of data breaches are the result of phishing attacks.

KnowBe4 has been named an industry leader by the Forrester Wave Security and Awareness Training Solutions Q1 2020, coming highly recommended for its strong training strategies and content offerings.

Drive better defensive decision-making with a KnowBe4 Training solution

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Dynamic Defensive Training


With KnowBe4, your users learn phishing training and techniques on the job, thanks to random mock phishing tests and streamlined solutions for reporting suspicious emails. The easy-to-use interface helps you see your security posture at a glance and schedule focussed training sessions for a more direct learning approach.


Learn from cyber security specialists

Lessons based on over 30 years of expert experience in hacking and cyber security techniques.


Virtual Risk Officer

Assess phishing test results right down to the user level and measure the effectiveness of your human firewall.


Traditional Testing

Provide training campaigns with automated training reminders and multiple revision resources.


The World’s Largest Library of Training Resources

With over 1,000 resources including videos, newsletters and interactive learning modules.


Advanced Phishing Tests and Features

Track user responses, simulate phishing tools and allow users to instantly report suspicious emails.


We’d recommend KnowBe4 training through Vital for its results as well as the ability to roll out training and resources in a way that respects our time. We’re seeing obvious benefits that indicate a growing awareness among our staff.

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Like most companies, we’ve been on the receiving end of phishing attempts a few times. KnowBe4 has visibly given our staff the knowledge and confidence to spot these attempts, report them and avoid compromising any of our business data.

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Vital – Accredited Cyber Security Experts


WWe’re serious about security, which is why we only work to the highest protective standards and use only the best security solutions. As well as being a certified Cyber Essentials body, we’re also accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, ensuring full compliance, standardisation and regulatory adherence.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Relied upon by Multiple Industries


No business is immune to the cyber security threat. That’s why we’re trusted across multiple industries and enterprises to keep their data, users and customers protected.

Empower employees and take back your company protection.

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