Cyber attack hits UK

Following the very recent Cyber Attack to hit the NHS and businesses around the world, see our thoughts and advice.

We know you must be concerned to hear about the Cyber attack hitting the NHS and businesses around the world but we’re here, as your IT specialists, to talk some common sense and offer our thoughts and guidance.

Here we hope to give you some background information, explain a little better – or at least more accurately –  than the mainstream media and provide you with some valuable information and useful tips for protecting your business.

Can we please stress the long standing advice to NOT open email attachments or click links in emails that are not specifically expected – no matter how genuine they may appear. The weekends news should serve as timely reminder of the importance of taking your security seriously.

We have spent the weekend and will continue to commit our staff to fully review all our supported systems.

Please take a look at our blog post for a thorough view on the situation or feel free to talk to us on: 0333 241 9301

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