Cyber Essentials Continual Compliance Extended to Mobile

Announcing the latest in mobile device cyber security.

Partnering with CyberSmart we’re happy to announce the latest solution for our clients’ in the battle against cyber crime – extending our “Continual Compliance” approach to Cyber Essentials standards and certification to all your mobile devices with the CyberSmart mobile app.

Why does my business need the mobile app?

  • Ensure all devices within the organisation are checked for compliance with Cyber Essentials, preventing potential cyber threats such as mobile spyware and malware
  • Guides users through remediation if they need to address any issues
  • Real-time information feeds back into the CyberSmart dashboard for a single view of compliance
  • Allows users to read and agree on policies on their mobile devices

To find out more and speak to our Cyber Security specialists, call: 0333 241 9301 or click the link below to request a call back.

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