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Lines and Calls

Vital are a full-service business communications supplier, able to supply a full range of traditional telecoms services to complement our portfolio of next-generation solutions.

We understand that hosted, converged or IP based solutions may not be right – or not right yet – for every business. Existing system investments, specific business requirements or just lack of access to suitable connectivity can all be barriers to adoption of next-gen technologies.

Our business telecoms experts will work with you to identify the best solution for you which may include a range of traditional telecoms services.


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Analogue Line Rental

Analogue lines are still the cornerstone of many small business telecoms solutions.

With most standard broadband services running over a standard analogue line, plus fax machines, franking machines & more – chances are your business has at least one if not more analogue lines.

Vital offer very competitive rates on analogue line rental and installation which can typically save customers up to 15% when compared with standard BT rates.

We also only offer business-grade “Premium” line rental which have a basic, business SLA. Beware very low cost line rental deals which may be based on BT’s “basic” service – which could leave you waiting 4 days for an engineer!




ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 Services

Whilst the smallest of businesses may run off a handful of standard analogue lines, most businesses with a traditional on-premise telephone system will have some form of ISDN connectivity.

These are the phone lines that connect your system to the outside world – the number of ISDN “channels” you have determines the number of concurrent external calls you can make or receive at any one time.



ISDN2 provides two concurrent lines (or “channels”) and are typically combined if required to provide up to 8 channels to meet small business needs.

ISDN30 provides up to 30 channels and will typically be installed when there is a requirement for 8 or more channels.

Vital offer the full range of ISDN services; installation, line rental and associated services such as DDI (Direct Dial) and CLIP number presentation.

Our competitive ISDN line rental services can save businesses up to 35% compared to standard BT rates.



Non Geographic and localised numbers

Non-Geographic, or NGN, numbers are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of published number for businesses.

The portability and flexibility of NGN numbers mean it can be much easier for your business to manage call flow, move offices or transfer service between your locations transparently if required.

Vital can offer a full range of NGN numbers including 0800, 0845, 0817, 03 and more.

We are aso able to offer localised numbers for any region within the UK, allowing you to present a local image and local contact number for your customers wherever they may be.



Contact Us to discuss your number requirements and our business telecoms experts can help guide you through the options.

Note from 1st July 2015, a number of important changes to non-geographic numbers have been implemented by Ofcom. If you use NGN numbers in your business, you need to be aware of these changes and how they could affect you. Vital’s business telecoms experts are available to advise on these changes and help ensure your business is compliant – simply call us on 01423 226006.




Associated Services

Service or Care Levels

Analogue and ISDN services are sold with a standard Care Level which defines the response and target resolution times should there be a problem or issue with your line.

For businesses which place a high level of dependence on their telecoms, it may be prudent to increase the Care Level to ensure that, if you do have an issue, it can be fixed as quickly as possible.



For more information on the different Care Levels available, please download our Care Level Overview