Microsoft 365 E5


The ultimate Windows solution for enhanced power, productivity and security.

For the Cloud-enabled and security-conscious enterprise, Microsoft 365 E5 delivers unparalleled productivity and security features.

Bring together analytics, automation and Azure services with the full suite of protective provisions, all expertly implemented by our specialists.

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Cloud-Powered for Compliancy


Microsoft 365 E5 is Microsoft’s most robust workplace solution, combining powerful Cloud-enabled solutions for compliancy, identity and threat detection that provide all-around protection.

Alongside the full suite of Microsoft’s Office applications, Microsoft 365 E5 provides complete peace of mind in the safety of your users, your Microsoft environment and your business.


Shield users behind extensive and integrated identity and threat protection.


Collate valuable data that drives business opportunities, value and protection.


Identify and respond to malicious or anomalous activities across your business network.


Leverage advanced and evolving Cloud-based protection that tackle threats new and old.

With over 25 years of Microsoft and Cyber Security expertise, our team ensures your Microsoft 365 E5 environment is set for success and security.

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Industry Accredited Cyber Security


We’re accredited to the standards of ISO9001 & 27001, partnered with leading security specialists and a licensed Cyber Essentials accrediting body. Quite simply, your Cyber Security couldn’t be in better hands.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Powerful Solutions that Protect and Perform


With Microsoft 365 E5, you’ve access to enterprise-scale security, expansive third-party connectivity, and Cloud-connected solutions that serve you business both in the Cloud as well as on-prem.


Identity and Access Management

Manage and automate user access without sacrificing security. Simplify and identify any unauthorised or unusual logins.


Azure Information Protection P2

Identify and categorise important emails and documents, then secure, encrypt and monitor them against unauthorised access.


Advanced Threat Protection

Ensure your security and regulatory policies are upheld. Attack simulations and analytics keep your defences robust.


Microsoft Endpoint Defender

Automatic alerts for spam, malware and security loopholes, plus ongoing infrastructure analysis to find and fix breaches.


Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Smart defences that learn from, defend against, and suggest security strategies in response to malicious attacks.


Cloud App Security

Log your apps, usage patterns and risk levels across your Microsoft Cloud and automatically remediate threats.

Serviced for Success


Microsoft Security 365 E5 keep users secure, confident, and prepared for future threats.


Microsoft 365 E5 has provided a far more holistic approach to keeping our users and data safe. Vital talked us through its implementation in great detail and, since then, given the business a renewed sense of security.

Vital Client


We’d never even considered Microsoft 3654 E5 until Vital demonstrated the benefits for us. Since then, we as a business can’t imagine a more appropriate alternative and we’re much more knowledgeable about the threats we face daily.

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The Vital Ingredient


Rely on trusted Microsoft experts to protect your business. Talk to Vital and secure your sensitive data succinctly.

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