Microsoft Azure Sentinel


Employ Cloud-enabled Security Information and Events Management Software that deploys quickly and grows exponentially – delivered by accredited Azure experts.

Oversee your IT security with Azure Sentinel – Microsoft’s simplified, revitalised approach to SIEM. Deployable within minutes and requiring no hardware, Sentinel’s Cloud-delivered approach to security is as simple as it is scalable.

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Evolving Intelligence Against a Growing Cyber Threat


The cyber threat landscape isn’t only growing, it’s learning; developing all-new techniques to infiltrate your systems unseen.

With Azure Sentinel, you’ve a full overview of your network’s Cybersecurity, delivering a revolutionary new approach to your company’s defensive strategy

Sentinel arms users with data analytics, threat detection and incident responses that enable and evolve. By leveraging Cloud technologies, Sentinel becomes even more efficient over time – adapting both to your data trends and the evolving cyber threat landscape.


Next-Gen Security Information and Events Management


By keeping a close eye on all network data, Azure Sentinel provides up-to-the-minute analysis and response to threats. Compiling decades of data on existing cyber threats and intelligently calculating responses. Azure Sentinel is the essential addition to your existing cyber defences.


Data Diligence

Sentinel collects and analyses data from across your Hybrid Cloud, including apps, users and devices, to ensure everything entering and exiting your network is as it should be.


Threat Detection

From known threats to unknown anomalies, Azure Sentinel detects anything unusual from any point in your network. Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence quickly identifies the safe from the sinister, evolving to tackle emerging cyber threats.



Don’t just isolate threats – analyse them. Azure Sentinel explores any further threats or potential damages and is always evolving its decades-long repertoire of threat knowledge.



Azure Sentinel works with your existing firewalls, Microsoft apps and Microsoft Cloud services, as well as numerous third-party apps, to react swiftly to threats and damages.

Our Partnerships and Accreditations  


As Microsoft Gold Partners and accredited Microsoft Azure Cloud experts, we provide industry-leading Cybersecurity that ensures you’re protected and free to concentrate on your business success.  

MS Partner

Gold Cloud Productivity

Gold Content & Collaboration

Gold Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Gold Cloud Platform

Silver Application Integration

Silver Data Analytics

Silver Windows & Devices

Simplifying SIEM with Vital


Deploy a cost-effective, simplified security solution and an all-seeing eye on your infrastructure. As experts in Cloud technologies and Microsoft Azure, we’ll ensure your Azure Sentinel solution is precisely the protection you need.


Consolidate your threat surveillance without compromising growth and scalability.


Work with and for your existing Microsoft apps for a seamless security setup.


Make it easier than ever to collect, analyse and understand business threats.


Deploy much faster than any previous SIEM solutions. 


Configure both your Cloud-located and on-premise solutions.


Have your Sentinel managed and monitored by our Microsoft experts.

Understand your company health, analyse threats and continually improve your company defences with an Azure Sentinel service from Vital.

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Relied upon by Multiple Industries


Our security skills and Azure expertise are relied upon by the following clients from a broad range of industries and sectors.

Complete Confidence in Your Business Defences


Having implemented Azure Sentinel across numerous businesses, we’ve provided our clients with complete protective peace of mind, and confidence in their future security.


Vital recommended Azure Sentinel as a means of improving our security posture, and it’s safe to say we’ve not really looked back since. It’s more than just any security system, and it’s given us a really eye-opening insight into our most commonly-targeted business areas.

Vital Client


For businesses with extensive cyber security needs, I can’t recommend Vital enough. We’d never explored Sentinel before, but following their deployment it’s been that extra added ingredient we needed to truly understand our security posture, and ensure it remains formidable.

Vital Client

The Ultimate Choice in Business Surveillance


For more on Azure Sentinel, or for any other business security concerns, feel free to get in touch – we’re here to help.

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