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Microsoft Azure

Flexible, cost effective cloud computing

Do more, spend less with Microsoft Azure

Grow your business, not your budget, with flexible cloud solutions that save you money.

With the fast pace of innovation in technology, it’s becoming increasingly expensive to keep investing in the latest and greatest IT solutions. At the same time, relying on older solutions while your competitors invest in new ones gives them a leg up on you to anticipate, manage, and respond more quickly to change.



Only Microsoft offers a flexible platform that lets you choose the path that’s best for your business, whether that’s on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid combination. Azure is a core part of this overall vision that helps you make the cloud a seamless part of your IT.

By turning to Microsoft Azure and the cloud, you can keep your competitive edge without expanding your budget. Azure helps you bring products and services to market quickly. You can instantly scale globally, with everything needed to support worldwide business growth. You can run your operations more cost-effectively, paying only for what you use as opposed to for what you don’t. You can also free up your budget to spend on other business needs by eliminating the cost of new hardware. And you can gain enterprise-level security with the same data protection and datacenter security that many of the world’s largest organizations receive today.




Choose your own path to the “modern business” with a flexible cloud platform that offers the following features

  • A 99.95% monthly SLA
  • Enterprise-level security used by many of the world’s largest organisations
  • The ability to use any language, framework or tool to build applications
  • Unlimited, instantly scaleable servers, storage and resource


Only Vital offer the perfect combination of technical expertise, experience and commercial awareness to help you deploy Azure cloud services in your business to maximum effect.