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Secure, cost-effective and Cloud-enabled Email. Move from your Exchange Server to a managed and monitored Microsoft 365 solution.

Make business email easy – get in touch with us today and let us handle your migration from Exchange Server to Microsoft 365.

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Cloud-Enabled, Business-Wide Email – Without the Headaches


Microsoft 365 allows for unparalleled collaboration and communication. Migrate your business emails from Exchange Server today and provide them all the extra added benefits of Microsoft 365 – no upkeep necessary.

Readily Compatible and Collaborative

Readily Compatible and Collaborative

Integrate your emails with Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive for a holistic communicative environment.

No Maintenance Necessary

No Maintenance Necessary

Managing and Monitoring your Exchange servers can be time-consuming, but with Microsoft 365, you provide an all-in-one, Microsoft-managed solution to users.

Cost-Effective Communications

Cost-Effective Communications

Lessen the cost of business email and shed the expenses of Exchange licensing and hardware. Email with 365 is Cloud-enabled and hardware-free.

Security Assured

Security Assured

Automated security updates and Cloud security as standard take the burden meaning email protection is no longer a concern for your IT department.

Scalable Storage

Scalable Storage

Whether growing, diversifying or consolidating, scaling your email client to the scope of your business is so much simpler with Microsoft 365.

No Hardware Needed

No Hardware Needed

No interruptions, no maintenance, and a promised 99.99% of uptime. Cloud-provided email servers mean you’ve nothing to manage or maintain.

Need cost-effective, collaborative and consolidated email solutions? Let Vital make migration easy.

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Value-Added Microsoft Exchange Migration from Vital

Our migration solution provides more than just a simple transition. We provide a number of added services to your new email solution.



Any Email Environment Supported

From network drives to Lotus Notes, Google to Dropbox, OneDrive to Exchange; we support the biggest Cloud-enabled email providers and ensure their migration is both simple and seamless.

Staged Migration

Large-scale migration over legacy Exchange servers doesn’t have to be complex. A Staged Migration moves emails from your on-prem client to your in-Cloud equivalent with as little service disruption as possible.

Seamless Switchover

We streamline the migration process with industry-leading tools – meaning your new email solution is setup in the fastest time possible.


Backup and Security

Your emails are protected at rest and in-transit with our email security solutions. We’ll ensure no nasties find their way into your emails – and no emails find their way out of your systems for long.

Email Archiving

Flexible storage for legacy emails means your most crucial, sensitive and valuable emails are protected with a dedicated email archive.

End User Training and Support

No new system needs to be complex. For the user adjusting to their all-new Office 365 email client, we’ll ensure they get all the training they need.

From training to transitioning, let us simplify your new business email solution.

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Our Partnerships and Accreditations


As Microsoft Gold and Azure Cloud Partners, we work to give you complete confidence in your Microsoft Azure Support; keeping you secured, managed, and set for business success.

MS Partner

Gold Cloud Productivity

Gold Content & Collaboration

Gold Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Gold Cloud Platform

Silver Application Integration

Silver Data Analytics

Silver Windows & Devices

Simple, Secure, Successful


We’re dedicated to providing transformative technical solutions, without complications – which is why so many partners trust us with their day-to-day IT.

“It’s having a whole team of specialists at your fingertips, without the costs”

Gareth Turner, Managing Director, WSG UK

“Our previous provider were doing a job, but Vital have taken that to the next step. They are very responsive and understand our business”

John Duffey, Commercial Director, Triton Construction Limited

“It’s advice on what you don’t know, there is a huge amount of information that the team at Vital have”

Mark Plummer, General Manager, Platinum HPL

The Vital Support


Whether new to Microsoft 365, exploring new communicative possibilities or anticipating a major business transformation, leave the solution in the hands of Microsoft Gold-Accredited experts.

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