Microsoft Zero Trust


Diligent Cyber Security means leaving nothing to chance.

Cover every endpoint, network, device and application with diligent security that questions everything. Zero Trust is the stringent new security standard that lets nothing get past without your approval.

Protect your Business with Microsoft Zero Trust – delivered by our Microsoft Gold Certified experts.

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Trust Nothing, Question Everything


With the rising threat of Ransomware, the increase in remote working solutions and an exponential increase in targeted phishing campaigns, a Microsoft Zero Trust model helps keep your users, apps and enterprise protected on the strictest possible level.

Zero Trust assumes nothing entering or exiting your systems can automatically be trusted and limits connections only to their lowest possible access rights. By questioning everything and trusting nothing, Zero Trust provides rigid security assurance.

The Principles of Microsoft Zero Trust



Authenticate Everything

Authenticate everything – credentials, devices, locations and endpoints – and ensure all pass verification before entering your systems.


Limit Access

Allow only the most basic access privileges for any incoming connection – and expand upon them only with your full intervention.


Assume Breaches

Analyse anything – anomalous or otherwise – as it travels across segments. Encrypt, verify and analyse every possible movement.

No Compromises to Your Work or Security


With Microsoft Zero Trust, you’re protected by the strictest possible security measures without forfeiting your users’ flexibility. Oversee your company’s security health, tightly control access rights and ensure nothing unusual escapes your attention. With Zero Trust, nothing gets through without analysis and approval.


Only allow user access under specific conditions and requirements.


Fortify protection for both your users and your technologies.


Allow access only to devices that pass protection and compliance screening.


Restrict certain actions within applications to prevent sabotage or compromise.


Protect internally as well as externally with comms encryption and real-time threat detection.


Protection across all Microsoft apps, your IT Infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud resources.

Sturdy security standards for all people, on all devices from anywhere in the world. Microsoft Zero Trust Security ensures nothing is left to chance.

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Accredited Microsoft Experts


As Microsoft Gold Partners, we provide industry-leading Zero Trust security solutions especially for your on-premises as well as online Microsoft solutions.

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Gold Cloud Productivity

Gold Content & Collaboration

Gold Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Gold Cloud Platform

Silver Application Integration

Silver Data Analytics

Silver Windows & Devices

Complete Coverage – Whatever IT Takes


It’s not enough to simply implement a Zero Trust Solution, which is why we’re dedicated to long-lasting client support. We’re regularly accredited to the highest standards of the industry’s leading tech providers, ensuring that our services are continually evolving – and so too are your technical solutions.


Rapid Response Times


Your round-the-clock security solutions are for nothing without round-the-clock support. We’re available 24/7/365, with rapid remote responses.



Provisioners and Partners


We’re here to serve, not to sell. Whatever IT solutions we implement, we give them lasting longevity with ongoing technical support.



Growth Enablers


Wherever your business takes you next, our Cloud technologies keep your business dynamic. Sudden growth? We’ll help balance your scope with your scale.



Strategic Support


It’s our solutions that matter, not just our technologies. We work to your company’s needs, goals and specifications, then get you there using our technical expertise.



Over 15 years of experience


From industry veterans to technical innovators, our multiple Microsoft specialists bring a breadth of experience to your on-prem and Cloud security solutions.


Relied upon by Multiple Industries


No business is alike – but all are equally susceptible to security breaches. That’s why we protect a broad range of clients, from multiple industries and sectors from the growing threat of cybercrime.

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