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Defend against malicious mail at the inbox and beyond.

Mimecast’s renowned Email and Web Protection is among the industry’s most trusted and widely compatible security solutions. Coupled with Vital’s exceptional cyber security awareness, there’s no better defensive duo for your business.

Block ransomware, secure your data and provide ongoing infrastructural defence with email protection that goes one step further.

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Your inbox is one of the most widely exploited attack vectors for cyber criminals; and with their tactics and techniques evolving at record pace, it’s not hard to understand why.

Mimecast protects more than your inbox alone, providing ongoing defence against:

Email Compromise

Email Compromise



Supply Chain Impersonation

Supply Chain Impersonation

Data Loss

Data Loss

Phishing Attempts

Phishing Attempts

By applying the exact same security standards to your outgoing emails as those that enter your network, Mimecast ensures no sensitive business data makes it into the wrong hands. With constantly updated threat security, it even helps identify your most at-risk accounts – as well as suspicious external accounts that might be compromising security.

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More Than Just Preventative

Security is ongoing – and so too is your Mimecast solution. Regularly updated with the latest threat protection techniques, continually enabling your end-users and always anticipating any ongoing threats, our Mimecast expertise is your future-proofed protective package.



Inbound and Outbound Protection

Provide visibility and protection across your entire email environment – filtering internal, incoming and outgoing traffic.

Continual Assessment and Investigation

Rapidly review any incoming emails and remediate those that could threaten your business security.

Ongoing Awareness Training

Regularly test users on their internet safety and activity with ongoing awareness tests, assessments and phishing simulations.


Defend Against Fraud and Brand Impersonation

Brand Exploit Protect employs web-scanning AI to ensure your brand isn’t being impersonated and exploited online.

A Safe Space for Suspicious Links

Mimecast opens suspicious links in an isolated Cloud location – so any potential threats are kept away from your business network.

Easy, In-Depth User Interface

Let your IT Teams identify incoming threats and at-risk users for further security training.

Industry Accredited Cyber Security


By combining our own Cyber Security expertise with Mimecast’s industry-leading Web and Email protection, Vital delivers email security that protects users, prevents breaches and proactively defends against growing external threats.


Easily Integrate

Mimecast integrates with hundreds of popular web and email solutions, including DUO, SalesForce and Microsoft Azure Sentinel.


Regular Industry Award-Winners

In 2021 alone, Mimecast’s security solutions were shortlisted for and awarded industry accolades by channels such as CRN, G2, Viddy and DotCOMM.


Trusted by Industry Leaders

It takes one great provider to recognise another. That’s why Mimecast is relied upon by such revered companies as HP, BCG and LifePoint Health.

Protect yourself with the ultimate defensive duo. Let Mimecast and Vital power your email protections.

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Committed to Customer Satisfaction



As a long-time Vital customer, we can attest to just how effective their solutions have been. Our security solutions have been instrumental in freeing up resource and providing us with some much-needed reassurance as we moved to a hybrid workplace.

Vital Client


Vital’s testing and deployment of our security solutions was thorough and accommodating enough to convince us that we’d chosen a genuinely dedicated IT service provider. Mimecast sits comfortably alongside all our other software.

Vital Client

Complete Coverage – Whatever IT Takes


We’re regularly accredited to the highest standards of the industry’s leading tech providers, ensuring that our services are continually evolving – and so too are your technical solutions.

Rapid Response Times, At All Times – Your round-the-clock security solutions are for nothing without round-the-clock support. We’re available 24/7/365, with rapid remote responses.

Strategic Support – It’s our solutions that matter, not just our technologies. We work to your company’s needs, goals and specifications, then get you there using our technical expertise.

Security Assured – The modern enterprise needs complete protection – both on-prem and in the Cloud. We deliver complete cyber security, enforced with the latest SIEM surveillance, MFA and Zero Trust protective measures.

Over 15 years of experience – From industry veterans to technical innovators, our multiple security specialists bring a breadth of experience to your web and email security solutions.

Relied upon by Multiple Industries


No business is alike – but all share a common enemy in the ongoing Cyber Threat. Our solutions help protect clients across a range of industries and enterprises – leaving them to concentrate on business success.

Demand better business security


For all-around email security that goes further than your inbox, look no further than Mimecast’s protective solutions. Ensure no threats can enter your systems, no sensitive data can leave, and no cyber criminals are compromising your company name.

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