Multifactor Authentication


Protect against threats from the first point of contact.

With Multi Factor Authentication, it takes more than a password to verify your users. Thanks to Duo MFA, your logins are verified on a user, device and application level, so you know you’re letting the right people in – and keeping the wrong ones out.

Protect your Business with Multi-Factor Authentication from Duo and the cybersecurity experts at Vital.

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Overcome the Cyber Threat


Phishing remains one of the most successful and widespread techniques for data theft. If your business isn’t doing more to verify logon attempts, those stolen credentials could be all it takes to get past your defences and into your systems.

Did you know?

did you know

According to the FBI, business Cloud emails are the most targeted entry point for cyber criminals.

did you know

73% of passwords are duplicates, meaning stolen credentials offer multiple avenues for breach.

did you know

According to research by Microsoft, 99.9% of compromised accounts aren’t protected by MFA.

MFA is proven to be exponentially more effective than strong passwords alone – making it an essential component of the modern, security-conscious enterprise.

Vital, Versatile Verification with Duo

With Multi-Factor Authentication from Duo, it takes more than a password to get past your protections. Duo combines seamless and scalable verification with unique technical capabilities to tackle the rising threat of data breaches and credential theft.

Duo is as simplified as it is specialised, providing all major MFA requirements within a user-friendly interface and impressive software compatibility.


Multiple Protective Measures

Deliver first-line protection by authorising your people, not just your passwords. Multiple options for identification give you full control over those critical credentials – and ensure you know exactly who’s knocking.

All-Around Authentication

Protect all Cloud environments – Hybrid, Public or Private – and provide secure remote access across VPNs and hardware across your Bring-Your-Own-Device policies.

Complete compatibility

Lightning-fast rollout with none of the compatibility concerns. Duo is designed to integrate with existing environments and platforms, and is compatible with almost any SaaS solution or app.

Protect your Business

Security Assured with Azure


For Microsoft-dependant businesses – especially those leveraging the powerful Azure environment – Microsoft Azure MFA is your all-encompassing solution. Syncing with your existing Microsoft 365 logins and credentials to provide instant administrative control, Azure MFA is reliable protection with added administrative flexibility.

As Microsoft Gold and Azure Cloud Partners, we’ll ensure your Azure MFA protects your people, your business and your full Microsoft environment.



With Windows Hello, swap passwords entirely and leverage more personal, convenient and secure protection for users. Register users via Microsoft’s Authenticator app, or even for Biometric devices.


Readily Available

If you’re already licensed for Microsoft 365 Business Premium, EMS, or 365 E3 and E5, you may already be licensed for up to 50,000 monthly active users on a basic Azure MFA.


Active Directory Compliant

Azure Active Directory makes it easy to manage Microsoft users and control their access rights and privileges. No need to migrate accounts or users.

Your business deserves MFA that keeps people better protected and your company forward-thinking – so it can be hard to source the most appropriate solution. Let us simplify the process.

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Industry Accredited Cyber Security


We’re accredited by the Cyber Essentials scheme, the ISO9001 and the ISO27001, making us a trusted provider of compliant company security. Coupled with our technical knowledge and Microsoft Gold Partnerships, we’re confident our security solutions are as complete as they are concise.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Complete Coverage – Whatever IT Takes


We’re regularly accredited to the highest standards of the industry’s leading tech providers, ensuring that our services are continually evolving – and so too are your technical solutions.

Rapid Response Times, At All Times – Your round-the-clock security solutions are for nothing without round-the-clock support. We’re available 24/7/365, with rapid remote responses.

Provisioners and Partners – We’re here to serve, not to sell. Whatever IT solutions we implement, we give them lasting longevity with ongoing technical support.

Growth Enablers – Wherever your business takes you next, our Cloud technologies keep your business dynamic. Sudden growth? We’ll help balance your scope with your scale.

Strategic Support – It’s our solutions that matter, not just our technologies. We work to your company’s needs, goals and specifications, then get you there using our technical expertise.

Security Assured – The modern enterprise needs complete protection – both on-prem and in the Cloud. We deliver complete cyber security, enforced with the latest SIEM surveillance, MFA and Zero Trust protective measures.

Over 15 years of experience – From industry veterans to technical innovators, our multiple Microsoft specialists bring a breadth of experience to your on-prem and Cloud security solutions.

Relied upon by Multiple Industries


No business is alike – but all are equally susceptible to security breaches. That’s why we protect a broad range of clients, from multiple industries and sectors from the growing threat of cybercrime.

For more on our Multi-Factor Authentication solutions, or for any other business security concerns, get in touch.


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