Penetration Testing


Putting Cyber Security Through its Paces. Sometimes, the best way to test security is to break it.

With Penetration Testing, your security goes up against all known methods of intrusion – in a safe, consequence-free environment.

Know conclusively that your systems are protected to the strictest possible standards with Penetration Testing from Vital.

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A True Test of Protection


Penetration Testing provides the most stringent testing of your business defences possible. Within a controlled and secured environment, we test your Cyber Security against the most advanced offensive techniques – discovering just how well-defended you are, and where your security concerns may lie.



We test within your agreed limits of data security and access. Our Penetration Testing never compromises the safety and security of sensitive data.


Sandbox Testing

We test everything in a controlled sandbox environment. Your defences are truly tested, all within a consequence-free, virtualised environment.


Security Assessment

We provide a full vulnerability assessment, with suggestions to improve your company’s cyber security posture and resolve any overarching issues.


Performance Review

We provide a final scan following the launch of our suggested improvements, ensuring our new provisions are performing their defensive duties.

With over 25 years of Cyber Security experience across a catalogue of industries, our team of Cyber Security experts ensure nothing gets past your protections. Talk to us today.

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Industry Accredited Cyber Security


We’re accredited to the standards of ISO9001 & 27001, partnered with leading security specialists and a licensed Cyber Essentials accrediting body. Quite simply, your Cyber Security couldn’t be in better hands.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Complete Confidence in Your Cyber Security


The best Cyber Security solution is the one you never notice. With Penetration Testing, you know exactly what your defences are doing – and what that means for the future of your company security.


Know you’re protected against the latest and most advanced invasive techniques with testing performed by Cyber Security specialists.


Better understand your IT estate and gain invaluable insight into your most vulnerable and targeted endpoints.


Avoid the threats of downtime, data theft and malware injections with ongoing updates that keep you protected.


Make informed Cyber Security decisions based on your knowledge, experience and the best possible test of your defences.

Regular Penetration Testing provides protective peace of mind and ongoing Security resilience. Talk to us today and find out if Penetration Testing is for you.

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Serviced for Success


Our Penetration Testing services keep user secure, confident, and prepared for future threats.


We’re security conscious in that we like to know we have security that works and isn’t just installed somewhere on our infrastructure. The nature of our work makes this crucial. We really feel as if Vital understood this when they collaborated with us on our penetration testing, and we couldn’t feel more safe under their ongoing support.

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Penetration Testing has given us the confidence and insight we need to keep our work progressing. Knowing that we’re meeting both of those requirements with security that’s been tested so thoroughly is a major motivator and we’re grateful that Vital have provided that.

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Vast. Vigilant. Vital.


Employ the most vigilant security testing imaginable from the people who know the technologies best. Talk to Vital today about our extensive Penetration Testing services.

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