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SIP & Converged Solutions

IP Based communications – or VoIP – are rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for business telecommunications services.

Low costs, rapid deployment times and much greater flexibility means that some form of IP solution is a compelling option for most businesses; either through a period of growth to facilitate rapid, easy expansion to an existing system or as a next generation replacement service for traditional analogue and ISDN services or PBX systems.

At Vital we have a range of next-gen IP based solutions which can help you to

  • Reduce costs – lower service charges and more competitive call rates
  • Improve efficiency – by better integrating your remote workers or offices
  • Improve customer service – thanks to more flexible call delivery options
  • Improve business continuity – with resilient, Internet based networks


SIP Channels

A SIP “Channel” is simply an IP or VoIP based substitute for a traditional (typically, ISDN) line.

Delivered over a data (Internet) connection, SIP services are terminated or delivered to your on-premise telephone system or gateway device.

Available in quantities from just 1 up to thousands of channels, SIP can deliver most businesses a compelling cost saving thanks to significantly lower “per-channel” costs and much more competitive call rates.

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Converged and Assured Broadband Services

One of the challenges and common reservations about deploying VoIP solutions – be that a fully hosted system or SIP connectivity – is availability, speed and quality of calls over an Internet service.

Traditionally and in many cases, broadband connectivity and the voice services are delivered by two different providers, using a standard Internet connection which was not designed for voice traffic.

This means that your calls are delivered over the “no man’s land” of the Internet between the two provider networks. Call quality can suffer and neither provider is in a position to maintain or ensure a quality of service over the whole path.

Vital’s range of Converged and Assured broadband services solve these issues by providing an end-to-end solution which was designed from the ground-up to deliver reliable, high quality voice services.

Our range of Voice-Only (Assured) or Voice and Data (Converged) broadband services connect directly into our voice network; voice traffic is never transmitted across “the Internet” and the service can be fully managed and quality of service ensured from end to end.

Our Converged and Assured services are available to support concurrent call quantities from 5 concurrent calls and upwards, over a range of connectivity options including ADSL, Fibre and Ethernet leased lines.

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