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Technical solutions for the transforming business.

Don’t let technologies dictate your business; let your business dictate your technologies.

Our Technology Consulting service explores your business opportunities – then realises them with ingenious technical solutions.

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Evolve your Enterprise


As a modern workplace, you’re driven by your technologies. But what if you could take tech further – not just relying on it, but shaping it to your needs, values and aspirations?

At Vital, we believe the business dictates the solution. Our Technology Consulting service puts your needs first, exploring everything you want from your future business, and how our technical solutions help make them possible.

Save on Resources

Save on Resources

Save on overheads, technologies and surplus solutions with flexible pricing and controllable costs.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Spend less time managing your tech and more time benefitting from it, with Vital taking care of repairs and revisions.


See Real Returns on Investment

Optimised tech means extra efficiency – as well as longer-lasting infrastructures designed for your future business.


The Competitive Edge

Take advantage of the Modern Workplace. Leverage new & existing technologies for limitless business potential.

Whatever you demand from your future enterprise, we’re here to make it happen with our Technology Consulting expertise.

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Bespoke Solutions with Best-In-Class Delivery


Like any business, we too rely on the best-in-class IT providers; and with our top-level partner accreditations, we know how to shape and deliver them to the absolute highest of standards.

ISO9001 & ISO27001 Accredited

Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner

Datto Platinum Partner

Watchguard Gold Managed Security Partner

Cyber Essentials

Rethinking IT

Your IT is no longer a single-use solution. With the advent of the Modern Workplace, it provides flexible, proactive possibilities that can overcome any challenge. Our Technology Consulting helps you identify those possibilities.




The perfect IT strategy bridges the gap between your current and future business. We’ll co-develop a strategy that takes you into the future – and further still.



We’re not interested in selling IT – we’re interested in how it serves your strategy. If you’re struggling against business prohibitors, our solutions are designed to remedy the problem.



Let us help you understand your data. We’ll find ways to help you consolidate and analyse business data, enabling you to make yet more informed business decisions.



Are you getting the most out of your technologies? Our eye for efficiency takes your everyday solutions from functional to fine-tuned.



We believe the best technologies are the ones you barely touch. We’ll help you automate your processes saving time, money and manpower.



Let your clients work for you. We’ll help optimise your client technologies and turn them into tools that drive your service delivery and data.

Wherever you’re heading, we’re ready to take you there. Talk to us about our Technology Consulting services today.

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Tangible, Transformative IT


Our Technology Consulting is only ever driven by the needs and desires of our partners – which is how we’ve delivered proven results to a wealth of industries and enterprises.


It wasn’t until we approached Vital for a Technology Consulting service that we realised how much more we could have squeezed from our current setup. They not only helped us optimise our once ailing system, but advised on future IT investments that have taken us to where we are today.

Vital Client


We were spending so much on unneeded technologies to speed up our processes, yet none of them matched Vital’s efficient approach. Vital took our legacy systems and instantly identified which new ones we might consider next. Years later, we’re still confident they made the right call.

Vital Client

An Answer to Anything


Demand more from your workplace technologies. At Vital, we treat every challenge as a possibility – and make it a reality using our broad IT knowledge.

If you’re encountering a business barrier or need some direction for that next big strategy, you may be surprised by what our Technical Consulting can achieve. Get in touch below – we’re here to help.

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