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Web Design & Development

A website design or website development project should not be a purely creative process.

At Vital, we take a strategic, results-oriented approach which starts with an in-depth exploration or your business objectives.

What are you looking to achieve? Is your website purely a branding and awareness exercise? Are you looking to generate enquiries and leads? Event or other bookings? Do you want to increase your online sales? Thought leadership and content dissemination?

Once we have identified the strategic objectives for your website, our 100% in-house team of developers, designers and usability experts will go to work turning your vision into a modern, easy to use website that can be measured, marketed & managed and is an effective business tool which delivers on those objectives.


How do we do it?



An attractive web design gives your visitors that all important first impression and we know how important that can be.

Clear messaging, a professional, modern design and ease of navigation as well as high quality relevant images all go to create that great first look.



What do you expect your website visitor to do? Only you know the answer to this BUT, does your website make it easy for the visitor to find the information they need and engage with you?

Making it easy for a diverse range of visitors can greatly increase the success of your website.



Once your visitor has made contact, how do you keep in touch with them thereafter? Do you know anything about their habits when they come back on your website?

Keeping your business informed about your visitor’s journey is key to knowing where they are in the sales cycle whether that be prospect or existing client.

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Discover how Vital can transform your web presence